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All cats are housed in our state-of-the-art cattery. Separate from our kennels. We welcome viewing of our cattery and kennels prior to you leaving your pet with us and encourage you to view "The Kozie Cattery Tour."

Kozie Kennels van

With it's bright cheerful interior and comfortable atmosphere your cat will be safe, secure, warm (a heat lamp can be placed in the enclosure to provide extra heat at owners request) and well looked after, receiving lots of love, playtime and attention.

Music is piped throughout the accommodation to help create a peaceful and homely atmosphere.

Each run is equipped with a scratching post, toys and litter tray using Rosewood free cat litter.

We use Perla Beds and danish fleece blankets so that your loved one is kept nice and Kozie at all times.

Kozie Kennels van

Cats are feed on premium dry and wet cat food and fresh drinking water is change on a daily basis.